Kaspek 2016

It was an off-the-cuff decision to climb Kaspek in Georgia.

First of August a friend calld me to lend some climbing gear for his wife and i agreed immeadetly if i could join. Some days later i booked a flight and 2 weeks later we met in Tbilisi.

After having breakfast we went by public bus to Stephansminda and on the next morning by tayi to a monestary where the trail starts. A man with a horse awaited us for transporting some of our gear directly to the former meteo station on 3600m which serves as a mountain hut now.

The three of us walked until a green meadow wher we spent a night for acclimatisation. On the following day we continued after discussing the not so good condition of my friend. We reached the meteo station and set up our tents next to it. 2 days later the couple decided to retreat because he didn't feel better. A horse did run through the camp site and destroyed my tent - i had to put the ground sheet over it.

I joined up with a young french guy and 2 days later we reached the summit.